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Body Piercing in the Mainstream

One doesn’t have to possess a keen sense of awareness in order to notice the increasing popularity of body piercing. The other night at the grocery store I received a big smile from the check out clerk who had a labret piercing and an abundance of ear work. Yesterday while I was shopping, I received the same response in a clothing store from one of the employees sporting big gauge plugs and an eyebrow ring. This example of increased encounters with piercees in public has me wondering where the artistic craft I love may be headed.

Body piercing is many different things to many different people. Reasons for getting pierced range from the spiritually profound to those seeming outright superficial. Regardless, I have noticed that no matter what one’s impetus for taking part in the piercing ritual, the final result leaves piercees feeling attached and proud of their new body art. This is one of the reasons I welcome the explosion of body piercing in the “mainstream”.

At the core, whether I’m piercing a 120 pound girl who wants to be like Christina Aguilera or my best boy who is all tattooed-out and pierced-back, when I line up my needle, check the angles, ask my client to take a “nice deep breath” and push the pin, the piercee disappears for a moment — lost in a fleeting pinnacle of pleasure and pain. And after the needle breaks the exit hole I can’t help but, for a fraction of a second, gaze into the piercee’s eyes to witness that experience which we both now share.

That’s the deal. All of us who are pierced share something. And, in my opinion, this shared experience will make for some positive changes in our culture. It’s about time to watch the egos fade away to some other fad where the ever-elusive quest for “coolness” can continue. I openly welcome the smiling faces and thank you’s that have increased with the rise in piercing popularity.

That’s it for this week’s blog. I am Hardt Von Sachs of Master Pierce. You are what you modify.

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